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11 March 2012

Best of BODYPUMP® 80's so far

Well we are into the 2nd release of the 80's series of BODYPUMP® here is my top 10:

01. Resuscitate Me  - Rampant Match (Release 80)
02. The Edge Of Glory  - Glory Mix - Red Beans & Rice (Release 80)
03.  Loud (Keep It Cool Remix) - Zesty Thunder (Release 81)
04. The Tide  - Wav Mix - Twilight   (Release 80) 
05. Till The World Ends  - Stef Consuelo (Release 80) 
06.  Dynamite - Studio 88 feat. Juno Mars (Release 81 - Alternate Track)
07.  San Francisco (Nu Remix II) - Fine Tune (Release 81)
08. Hands Up!  - Jaded Nation (Release 80)
09. Rolling In The Deep  - Colourbox  (Release 80)
10. Best Thing I Never Had - Breeze Xile (Release 81)

Count 80 - 6 / 81 - 4, 80 is the winner so far.


BODYPUMP® 81 Sizzler - Tracklist

Warmup : You Make Me Feel... - Yesterday Stomp feat. Diverse
Squats : Higher Ground - Jagged Eagle
Chest : Loud (Keep It Cool Remix) - Zesty Thunder
Back : Ravers Fantasy - Northern Accelerators 
Triceps : Domino (Mix) - Miss Daise
Biceps : I Own You - LRNR
Lunges : San Francisco (Nu Remix II) - Fine Tune
Shoulders : Blood Is Pumping - Blade X
Abdominals : Mr Saxobeat - Magnum Ova
Cooldown : Best Thing I Never Had - Breeze Xile
Alternative 6 : Dynamite - Studio 88 feat. Juno Mars
Alternative 10 : Breaking Inside - LRNR feat. Rawhide

BODYPUMP® 81, you make me feel strong. This simple workout will have you feeling more powerful than ever before. 

I have taken some amazing music, wrapped in simple hardcore choreography, topped it of with easy to follow coaching and given it to you - but no need to thank me. With tracks he Higher Ground, Domino, and San Francisco it was a pleasure to put the class together.

And Just before I have been extra generous I have bought back a couple of soon to be favourites - The Pyrometric Lunge in Track 7 your gluteus will thank you later and the Rotator Overhead Press in Track 8 (8 counts of pure shoulder sculpting joy. 

There are also two all new moves in Track 9 - you just flip and repeat - you'll see what I mean.

But don't worry there's more than new choreogrpahy for you to sink your teeth into - we have a brand spanking new coaching model. Sure to delight and amaze. 

So enjoy the next 800 reps that compromise of BODYPUMP® 81 - I am sure you will. 

© 2012 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only.)

BODYPUMP® 80 Sizzler - Tracklist

Warmup : Resuscitate Me  - Rampant Match  
Squats : The Edge Of Glory  - Glory Mix - Red Beans & Rice
Chest : Smells Like Teen Spirit  - R.I.P Remix - Ninth Immortal
Back : The Tide  - Wav Mix - Twilight  
Triceps : Till The World Ends  - Stef Consuelo  
Biceps : Eye Of The Tiger  - Innocent Youth
Lunges : Fading Like A Flower  - Club Radio Mix - Dan Winter  
Shoulders : Hands Up!  - Jaded Nation      
Abdominals : Rolling In The Deep  - Colourbox  
Cooldown : Fade Into Me  - Atomic Vapor

This round we mark 20 years of BODYPUMP® with Release 80 – what a milestone! So to celebrate, we brought the program back to where it all began: Aotearoa, with an all-New Zealand presenting team and a whole lot of innovation to celebrate the past two decades and welcome in the next! This release is a great mix of high-intensity aerobic training to get you fit and burn calories; isolated strength training to tone and shape your muscles; and circuit training to push your body to the limit. Time to load up your bar and get working! You’ll enjoy short bursts of high-intensity training in Tracks 2, 4 and 7 which will lift your heart rate, increase your fitness and burn calories. You’ll be on The Edge Of Glory in no time. To complement the high-intensity work, there’s pure strength training tracks spread throughout the release to ensure you get a balanced workout.In Tracks 3, 6 and 9 we isolate a particular muscle group – chest (Track 3), biceps (Track 6) and core (Track 9) – to build pressure in the muscle, work it to fatigue and create change. We’ve got a BODYPUMP® first in Track 7: the Propulsion Lunge. It’s a hugely effective power training move where you leap into the air. You may not love these at the time, but you’ll love the results they help you achieve! Tracks 5 and 8 are circuit-style tracks where you let rip for short bursts of intensity before enjoying a quick recovery. This is where change happens when you push yourself to the limit. Track 8 also sees the debut the Rotator Overhead Press; it’s a total shoulder-conditioning move that will really get your Hands Up! and your shoulders toned. BODYPUMP® 80 is a great release – trust us on this one; you don’t make it through 20 years without learning a thing or two!

© 2011 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only.)