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26 October 2012

Cover Release (PPCA Free) Australia Only BODYPUMP® 83

01. Set It Off - Peanut Alley 
02. Summer Of '69 - Mix - Yesterday Affair 
03. Turn Up The Music - Uninvited Addict 
04. Set Fire To The Rain - The Ditch Gear 
05. Glad You Came - Mix - Toy Hypo 
06. Stronger - What Doesn't Kill You - Stallion Hesitation 
07. Turn The Tide - Towering Heart 
08. C'est Bleu - The Flare Hacker 
09. When We Stand Together - The Result 
10. Better Than I Know Myself - The Brown Clark

Alternative 3 : Paradise (Juju) 
Montage 1 : Stronger (What Dosen't Kill You) (Stallion Hesitation) 

Hello and welcome to BODYPUMP® 83.

And have we got a release for you. This class is going to challenge you not only as an isntructor buy a participant yourself.

Your first step is going to be watching the Get Fit Together education session on the DVD - this will give you a whole new perspective on the meaning of coaching newbies. Seriously guys, this concept is worth checking out if you are keen to retain new members. 

Now onto the release. Some seriously cool innovations are coming your way this time. And they start in the warm up with a 2/2 Upright Row - this might challenge your timing at the beginning but its super fun and quirky. The biggest innovation from the last round is back this round the Jump Squat - and its harder than ever. Be prepared to increase your fitness level to teach this effectively. Also back is the Overhead Push press , and the Rotating Hover will annihilate your abdominal's at the end. 

And hey guys - don't forget about THE REP EFFECT™- we are performing 800 reps in a class. That's 4x a normal workout. Remind your participants, and yourself of this amazing fact.

And as always, have a lot of fun with it and make it YOUR OWN! 

© 2012 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only) 


Tracklist coming soon!

10 June 2012


Track 1, love it great cover track, easy to do, not that busy at all. Very motivating music :) reminds me of the 20's BP, or 30's BP.

Track 2 Cover version is not too bad. Can't complain about the workout factor, love the singles, then the fast singles. Not a complaint from me, interesting bottom halve movements. Seen it before, in other release. Nothing to complain about.

Track 3 The single plate push up's seem uneven to me. However, love the music, good workout factor. Fun track though. Can't complain. Nice toe tapping track. :)

Track 4 Love the track in Bodybalance, from the original artist Evanescence, Bring me to Life. Starts of slow, driving beat, too much is going on during the track, have to constantly think about what I am doing. After doing it a few times I kicked in. The cover version is not to half bad.

Track 5 Love the whole track, love the variation in what Glen has put together. Love Bad Case of Loving You. Love the choice of more a rock feel in the mid section of this release. Not hard to do though. Glad for a bar less track 5. :) great fan of Robert Palmer.

Track 6 Have the cover version of the track, blends in well with track 5. Short track. loaded up more on the bar.

Track 7 love it, love the plyometric moves, a bit if fun. Reminds me of the 40's section of Bodypump in parts. 

Track 8 Be Cool comes back to Bodypump, fan of the original in Bodypump 45. The push up's are a killer though. Great workout, love Lost Sentence's version of the track.I was truly wrecked at the end of the track. Love the alternate track better, Airplanes by Computer Love. Funky workout in both track, and heaps of fun :)

Track 9 not a bad track, no complaints from me, standard ab workout.

Track 10, a cover of a cover, we have, don't mind the cover by Vulcan Prototype. Awesome cool down track, love Il Divo, did not mind the female vocals made it something different. Great set of stretches, some have not been seen in a while.

Alternate track 6, wished it was the track 6 in this release.

Alternate track 8 love love it, wished the same as well, love the driving beats, the music is kick ass. Great sing along track, should have been used in a track 8 for a release.

Overall, an awesome release, have to do a new top 10 for this release, and 80 - 81.

Nice work Glen.  9/10 from me.

Cover Release (PPCA Free) Australia Only BODYPUMP® 82

01. Raining Diamonds - Stone Fall
02. Someone Like You - Kris McTwain Club Edit)- N-Finity
03. I Like How It Feels (Mix) - Solitary Phase
04. Bring Me To Life - Thirsty Beyond
05. Bad Case Of Loving You (Mix) - Secret Appendix
06. Bottoms Up - Incomplete Mainstream 
07. Ecuador (Bad Behaviour Remix) - Sash!
08. Be Cool 2011 - Lost Sentence 
09. Feel So Close - Broken Addiction
10. Time To Say Goodbye - Vulcan Prototype

Alternative 6 : Gettin' Over You - Computer Love
Alternative 8 : Airplanes - Echo Mix

Montage 1 : I Like How It Feels (Mix) - Solitary Phase


Welcome to BODYPUMP®! And I do mean welcome: it’s more inclusive, friendlier and more accepting. This is about effort, not necessarily about achievement. We want everyone who walks in your gym door to feel like THEY CAN do BODYPUMP® and feel successful in class. Even if they put the bar down, even if they are only using the bar, even if they haven’t got the hang of the tempos yet! It’s your job to help them get through. So, lucky for you, this is a super simple workout; the focus is on big and powerful movements, not complexity. 

But simple does not mean boring! This release is packed with innovations! You’ve got the Uneven/Plate Pushup in Track 3, the Jump Squat in Track 7, the Overhead Push Press in Track 8, and the Oblique Bicycle Crunch and the Mountain Climber in Track 9! Phew… try to keep up! Overall, the intensity in the class builds – Lunges and Shoulders are the peaks of the workout. Feel the accumulation of work throughout the class. So come on guys – let’s get inclusive! 

Enjoy this awesome release.

©2012 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only)

03 April 2012

BODYPUMP® 81 PPCA FREE Video Sizzler

Video Sizzler for BODYPUMP® 81 PPCA FREE Enjoy:)

For the very first time here, I have the mini video sizzler for the current Bodypump 81. This site will always do a sizzler for the releases when they are available. 

The music is to the shoulder track, this is an awesome release. 

© 2012 Les Mills International 

11 March 2012

Best of BODYPUMP® 80's so far

Well we are into the 2nd release of the 80's series of BODYPUMP® here is my top 10:

01. Resuscitate Me  - Rampant Match (Release 80)
02. The Edge Of Glory  - Glory Mix - Red Beans & Rice (Release 80)
03.  Loud (Keep It Cool Remix) - Zesty Thunder (Release 81)
04. The Tide  - Wav Mix - Twilight   (Release 80) 
05. Till The World Ends  - Stef Consuelo (Release 80) 
06.  Dynamite - Studio 88 feat. Juno Mars (Release 81 - Alternate Track)
07.  San Francisco (Nu Remix II) - Fine Tune (Release 81)
08. Hands Up!  - Jaded Nation (Release 80)
09. Rolling In The Deep  - Colourbox  (Release 80)
10. Best Thing I Never Had - Breeze Xile (Release 81)

Count 80 - 6 / 81 - 4, 80 is the winner so far.


BODYPUMP® 81 Sizzler - Tracklist

Warmup : You Make Me Feel... - Yesterday Stomp feat. Diverse
Squats : Higher Ground - Jagged Eagle
Chest : Loud (Keep It Cool Remix) - Zesty Thunder
Back : Ravers Fantasy - Northern Accelerators 
Triceps : Domino (Mix) - Miss Daise
Biceps : I Own You - LRNR
Lunges : San Francisco (Nu Remix II) - Fine Tune
Shoulders : Blood Is Pumping - Blade X
Abdominals : Mr Saxobeat - Magnum Ova
Cooldown : Best Thing I Never Had - Breeze Xile
Alternative 6 : Dynamite - Studio 88 feat. Juno Mars
Alternative 10 : Breaking Inside - LRNR feat. Rawhide

BODYPUMP® 81, you make me feel strong. This simple workout will have you feeling more powerful than ever before. 

I have taken some amazing music, wrapped in simple hardcore choreography, topped it of with easy to follow coaching and given it to you - but no need to thank me. With tracks he Higher Ground, Domino, and San Francisco it was a pleasure to put the class together.

And Just before I have been extra generous I have bought back a couple of soon to be favourites - The Pyrometric Lunge in Track 7 your gluteus will thank you later and the Rotator Overhead Press in Track 8 (8 counts of pure shoulder sculpting joy. 

There are also two all new moves in Track 9 - you just flip and repeat - you'll see what I mean.

But don't worry there's more than new choreogrpahy for you to sink your teeth into - we have a brand spanking new coaching model. Sure to delight and amaze. 

So enjoy the next 800 reps that compromise of BODYPUMP® 81 - I am sure you will. 

© 2012 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only.)

BODYPUMP® 80 Sizzler - Tracklist

Warmup : Resuscitate Me  - Rampant Match  
Squats : The Edge Of Glory  - Glory Mix - Red Beans & Rice
Chest : Smells Like Teen Spirit  - R.I.P Remix - Ninth Immortal
Back : The Tide  - Wav Mix - Twilight  
Triceps : Till The World Ends  - Stef Consuelo  
Biceps : Eye Of The Tiger  - Innocent Youth
Lunges : Fading Like A Flower  - Club Radio Mix - Dan Winter  
Shoulders : Hands Up!  - Jaded Nation      
Abdominals : Rolling In The Deep  - Colourbox  
Cooldown : Fade Into Me  - Atomic Vapor

This round we mark 20 years of BODYPUMP® with Release 80 – what a milestone! So to celebrate, we brought the program back to where it all began: Aotearoa, with an all-New Zealand presenting team and a whole lot of innovation to celebrate the past two decades and welcome in the next! This release is a great mix of high-intensity aerobic training to get you fit and burn calories; isolated strength training to tone and shape your muscles; and circuit training to push your body to the limit. Time to load up your bar and get working! You’ll enjoy short bursts of high-intensity training in Tracks 2, 4 and 7 which will lift your heart rate, increase your fitness and burn calories. You’ll be on The Edge Of Glory in no time. To complement the high-intensity work, there’s pure strength training tracks spread throughout the release to ensure you get a balanced workout.In Tracks 3, 6 and 9 we isolate a particular muscle group – chest (Track 3), biceps (Track 6) and core (Track 9) – to build pressure in the muscle, work it to fatigue and create change. We’ve got a BODYPUMP® first in Track 7: the Propulsion Lunge. It’s a hugely effective power training move where you leap into the air. You may not love these at the time, but you’ll love the results they help you achieve! Tracks 5 and 8 are circuit-style tracks where you let rip for short bursts of intensity before enjoying a quick recovery. This is where change happens when you push yourself to the limit. Track 8 also sees the debut the Rotator Overhead Press; it’s a total shoulder-conditioning move that will really get your Hands Up! and your shoulders toned. BODYPUMP® 80 is a great release – trust us on this one; you don’t make it through 20 years without learning a thing or two!

© 2011 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only.)