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20 September 2011


About a month ago, we had our workshop, awesome presentation.  

This is a great way to end the 70's series of Bodypump, I now have a favorite track ever from Bodypump Party All Night - Sleep All Day Carrie Red, awesome is the word. A cover track is now my favorite track ever. Awesome work for selecting this track Glen. The tracklist for this release is below: 

01. Higher - Linzi Sisters feat. Kohe
02. Closer To The Edge - Maximum
03. Party All Night - Sleep All Day - Carrie Red (Highlight track from this release.)
04. Written In The Stars - Jon Kelly
05. Born This Way - Southern Light Plus
06. Livin' On A Prayer - May Bee
07. Grenade - Jon Kelly
08. J'Adore Hardcore - Masia
09. We'll Be Alright - Tamsan White
10. The Crow & The Butterfly - Sandy Elswick
Alternative 5 - Triceps: If We Ever Meet Again - Timerides (Second Highlight track from this release.)

Track 1, Higher is the start up track for this release, the standard structure for a track 1, slightly longer track for a track 1. Highlight would be the upright rows, lunges and wide rows, and the triple rows. 9/10 for me for this track.I hope to hear more from Linzi Sisters feat. Kohe in future releases.

Track 2, a high light of this release, love the combination squats and the slow 4/4's, the combination squats are the sting in the tail form this track ouch.

Track 3, is the highlight to me from this release, Carrie Red I am now your number one PPCA Free fan, every part of the track is perfect, the 4/4's and the singles powering through to the lower half presses make this a memorable track. 10/10 from me now a Carrie Red fan for life.

You will love this track the PPCA Free version is awesome.  

Track 4, another highlight from this release, the power press and the triple rows make this a remember able track 4. This is a hard track be prepared it is one of the hardest tracks. 

Track 5, this is a remake of the Lady Gaga track, getting around that the tricep extensions and presses work well in the first part of the track, then the dips come into play, just wait then there is more we end with overhead press work, an awesome workout, a 8/10 from me. 

There is an alternate track 5, love that track more. It is the second highlight form this release.

Track 6, is a cover version, the version the rest of the planet has is from an X Factor winner in Australia Altyian Childs, Awesome workout love the single combinations there is nothing bad about this track.

Track 7, is the pain barrier track, love the squat and lunge combinations, we had them in the 30's series of Bodypump, by the end of the track my legs get a caning. It is a massive track a 10/10 track.

Track 8, we have a cover version of this Scooter track, starts with push ups and end with push ups i am talking push ups. The middle has sets of pain barrier plate work with the return of rota-tor presses and peck dec's then the shoulder work followed by the massive push ups at the end.

Track 9, short and fast abs track, pretty much a blur, it does what it has to do and that is your abs, love the side planks work.

Track 10, different cool down this time, different stretch combinations the music works well with what Glen has choreographed. 

Overall an outstanding release. 

Bog thumbs up, Glen has another winner. Great workout, fun music, awesome exercises and well entertaining to say the least.

Bring it on Bodypump 79.

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