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20 September 2011


About a month ago, we had our workshop, awesome presentation.  

This is a great way to end the 70's series of Bodypump, I now have a favorite track ever from Bodypump Party All Night - Sleep All Day Carrie Red, awesome is the word. A cover track is now my favorite track ever. Awesome work for selecting this track Glen. The tracklist for this release is below: 

01. Higher - Linzi Sisters feat. Kohe
02. Closer To The Edge - Maximum
03. Party All Night - Sleep All Day - Carrie Red (Highlight track from this release.)
04. Written In The Stars - Jon Kelly
05. Born This Way - Southern Light Plus
06. Livin' On A Prayer - May Bee
07. Grenade - Jon Kelly
08. J'Adore Hardcore - Masia
09. We'll Be Alright - Tamsan White
10. The Crow & The Butterfly - Sandy Elswick
Alternative 5 - Triceps: If We Ever Meet Again - Timerides (Second Highlight track from this release.)

Track 1, Higher is the start up track for this release, the standard structure for a track 1, slightly longer track for a track 1. Highlight would be the upright rows, lunges and wide rows, and the triple rows. 9/10 for me for this track.I hope to hear more from Linzi Sisters feat. Kohe in future releases.

Track 2, a high light of this release, love the combination squats and the slow 4/4's, the combination squats are the sting in the tail form this track ouch.

Track 3, is the highlight to me from this release, Carrie Red I am now your number one PPCA Free fan, every part of the track is perfect, the 4/4's and the singles powering through to the lower half presses make this a memorable track. 10/10 from me now a Carrie Red fan for life.

You will love this track the PPCA Free version is awesome.  

Track 4, another highlight from this release, the power press and the triple rows make this a remember able track 4. This is a hard track be prepared it is one of the hardest tracks. 

Track 5, this is a remake of the Lady Gaga track, getting around that the tricep extensions and presses work well in the first part of the track, then the dips come into play, just wait then there is more we end with overhead press work, an awesome workout, a 8/10 from me. 

There is an alternate track 5, love that track more. It is the second highlight form this release.

Track 6, is a cover version, the version the rest of the planet has is from an X Factor winner in Australia Altyian Childs, Awesome workout love the single combinations there is nothing bad about this track.

Track 7, is the pain barrier track, love the squat and lunge combinations, we had them in the 30's series of Bodypump, by the end of the track my legs get a caning. It is a massive track a 10/10 track.

Track 8, we have a cover version of this Scooter track, starts with push ups and end with push ups i am talking push ups. The middle has sets of pain barrier plate work with the return of rota-tor presses and peck dec's then the shoulder work followed by the massive push ups at the end.

Track 9, short and fast abs track, pretty much a blur, it does what it has to do and that is your abs, love the side planks work.

Track 10, different cool down this time, different stretch combinations the music works well with what Glen has choreographed. 

Overall an outstanding release. 

Bog thumbs up, Glen has another winner. Great workout, fun music, awesome exercises and well entertaining to say the least.

Bring it on Bodypump 79.

03 September 2011

Quartley Workshop 3rd Qtr 2011

Last weekend we had our workshop for Bodypump 79. The new format for the workshops are 3 out of the 4 are at the club level. There is one major one every year. I was not expecting that the new format would be that excellent as it was. There seems to be more of a personal feel to the workshop now, I loved it. The workshop was conducted by Karen Russell she is the head trainer for Les Mills Asia Pacific for Bodypump. I can't remember the name of the man who took the workshop.

Loved the club where we had the workshop, very cool indeed. 

Overall this is one outstanding release, tracks 3 and the alternate track 5 are infectious. I love the feel of the release. Although this is a PPCA Free feeling for the release. 

I will do a review of this release this week, it is going to be an enjoyable Spring 2011 for Bodypump! 


I know I have been slack placing the tracklists on this site, the reason is that i have now 20 pages to update with the Non PPCA and the PPCA Free releases. 
Today, I uploaded the PPCA Free tracklists for:


The link location is at: 

PPCA Free Link Quarter 3 2011

13 August 2011


If you’re after a simple, effective and athletic workout, BODYPUMP™ 79 is the one for you. It’s a challenging release that’ll test you to the limits, so it’s important to recognize what those limits are, especially if you’re new. Make sure your weight selection isn’t too heavy, form and technique are strong, and that you take any options you need to get to the end. Your Warmup will help you prepare mentally and physically for the test ahead, starting with a Squat routine that will take you Closer To The Edge of your fitness. A new combination - 4 Singles, followed by 4 Bottom Halves - will pound your legs to virtual submission. In Track 3, remember to allow your shoulder blades to squeeze together as you lower the bar to get the most out of your Chest workout. The Back track introduces an innovative Mid-bar Grip - half a hand-width wider than in SET position - that changes the way the muscles fire. Don’t forget to bend your knees through the tough Power Press/Triple Row Combo and we’re bringing back 7 Rows to really nail the back. “You bring your best, we’ll bring ours.” Be prepared to have the kitchen sink thrown at your triceps - Tricep Extensions, Tricep Presses, Seated Dips and Overhead Extensions will take you to the point of fatigue. You weren’t Born This Way, but you are on the right track, baby! After a hardcore Biceps track, set to an American classic, Lunges set off a Grenade in your legs. Then it’s on to shoulders, where an old favorite awaits you - that’s right, the Rotator Pec Dec from BODYPUMP™ 75! Even the Abs track has something new - a Reverse Weight Grip that opens up the chest and makes Crunches just a little trickier. Let’s call it one last twist of the knife. But don’t worry - if we’ve made it this far, We’ll Be Alright.
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25 June 2011

BODYPUMP 78 PPCA Free Review

Track list:

 01. Saturday - Starburst 
02. Beautiful Monster - Damn-R Remix - Mick Lion 
03. Sweet Child O' Mine - Swade feat. Melanie Z 
04. Tonight Is The Night 2K10 - Extended Mix - Raindropz ! vs Le Click 
05. Yeah 3x - DJ Steve Rage 
06. Raise Your Glass - TenStar Remix - Slater 
07. Firework - Klub Smasherz Remix - Galaxy Surfers
08. Welcome To Africa - Short Cut - Solar Collective 
09. Please Don't Go - Swish Mix - Maddy Ryan
10. Just A Dream - Fire & Ice feat. Mandy Brewer
Alternative Biceps Escape Me - Tiesto feat. CC Sheffield

Bodypump 78 came my way about 1 month ago, as usual I am very behind in reviewing the release. I am yet to do one or Bodypump 77.  

Track - 1 Saturday - Awesome beginning to this release. The track is fast moving, the music is funky, a real party track. That is always a good thing in any release. Track one sets the tone for the release. if track one does not set the vibe for the release, then it won't work. The sequence of exercises is staged to exercise the parts of the body that are going to be used in the class. Love the dead-rows, Overhead Presses, and the Lunges. Short squat selection in this track TBH, it suited the structure of the release. The track ends with a massive set of biceps curls. 

Overall 10/10 for this track, the music is driven and that makes it a 10 track for me :)

Track 2 - Beautiful Monster - Wicked track, there are 4 incredible sets in this release. Tons of bottom halves and singles to keep the heart beat going. The music drives this track, you can see the visual trip as you go through this track. The driving beats contribute to a massive set of lower half squats. One of my favourite track 2's in a long time. The legs get a real workout. 

Overall a solid 8/10 from me, awesome music a highlight from this release. 

Track 3 - Sweet Child of Mine. Some of us remember this from the 30's series of Bodypump. Mike was going through a push-up phase in track 3 at that time. Glen brings this track in a new way that meets the challenges of the way Mike chose to do his version of the track. This time we see Les Mills perform the track, it is his very first entry into the releases. I can understand the nerves and trying to live up to an impressive family history. He met the challenge face on and he succeeded. There are 5 sets in this track, you build up to the last 2 sets with a massive set of singles. The highlight of this track. All I can remember from the original is the push-ups. Musically it meets the challenge, the songs singer needed more push to get the track over the line.

Overall a 7/10 from me. 

Track 4 - Tonight Is The Night 2K10. Dan Cohen comes to the release. I have done done classes where Dan was participating and I know how much he throws on the bar. We have a massive C&P set in this release. This is a highlight from this release. I have seen my share of bad form doing this track. People are not doing the release back not right. They need to let the bar naturally drop and not force it down. Overall this track is what a back track should be and give 4 massive working sets. Dan was awesome on this release. I can't believe I actually participated in classes where Dan was the step next to me. Real scary stuff.

Overall 9/10 from me an awesome music drive in this release. This is what sold this track to me.

Track 5 - Yeah 3X. DJ Savage in the place, one word awesome. Easy to learn, love the track, love the way it was sequenced. Loved the singles and the bottom halves, including the kick backs at the end of the track.

10/10 from me an outstanding cover of the Chris Brown track I reviewed on one of my blogs. 

Track 6 - Raise Your Glass. Love the track love the exercises. No complaints from me. An awesome set of exercises with 4 sets of pure pain. Love, love, love the bottom half parts of the release. 

10/10 form me as usual. 

Track 7 - Firework - Klub Smasherz Remix. In the 12 years I have seen some awesome track 7's this one is outstanding in every way, shape and form. You cannot get any better than this track, love the squat - lunges combinations. 100% Kick A%$se track, was the pain was put to the back of my mind as the music took over and passed me through the pain barrier.

10/10 from me.

Track 8 - Welcome To Africa. Following on from track 7 the pain barrier is stretched further. The highlight to me was the Mac-Raise sets. followed by the single presses at the end.

10/10 solid release. 

Track 9 -  Please Don't Go, the innovation continues, abs on the bench followed by the hovers. Love the track and the side oblique combinations. 

Track 10 - Just A Dream the track 10's are getting stronger and stronger love this song, the stretches so match the music. A really happy track, sets the mood for the end of the class. 

10/10 from me for the luxury of the music.

Overall this is a massive release. Sits beside release 76 as epic release. 

Love Glen's work and what he does. Amazed at what he comes up with. 

A solid 100% release and I adore this release.

04 June 2011

PPCA Free Tracklist Site Update

Tracklists updates are here for the PPCA Free Versions of Les Mills Internationals Exercise Programmes:


03 June 2011


Sorry I have not been running this blog since March this year, work took over my life and I clearly forgot that I had this blogg, I am back, so please be patient as I update the site.


This workout is all about building lean muscle through pressure and pushing you to fatigue in each and every track. Saturday sets a positive tone in the Warmup as you move through the range of motions that prepare you for the rest of the class. Squats create a Beautiful Monster in three stages, using Singles to drive the heart beat up and then twisting the knife with some strong Bottom Halves. You’ll instantly recognize the guitar intro and by the end of Track 3, your chest will be screaming at you, so focus on great technique through the pain. Four Clean & Presses in a row throw down the “cardio kicker” challenge to the back, while very quick transitions give the Triceps no respite in Track 5. Likewise, the introduction of Bicep Rows mean you don’t get a chance to relax ... there’ll be no raising of the glass afterwards! Track 7 will set off the fireworks in your legs with an overpowering sequence of Squats - Lunges - Squats - Lunges - Squats - Lunges - (gulp!) more Lunges. You’ll be a little shaky on your feet, but next stop is Africa for a three-pronged attack on your shoulders - Deltoid Raises, Side Raises and Overhead Presses. But Please Don’t Go just yet ... what about your abs? We’ve got some Side Oblique Crunches, Crunches with a Pulse and Hover, forward and back. By the time you stretch and leave, the past hour will seem like Just A Dream ... except your body will be telling you otherwise.

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12 March 2011


Today, was the workshop. I had to leave before the master class. Which was scheduled at 12:30pm. I heard the music on the way home and looked at the notes. The timing on all the tracks is off. Not one track's times were right. 

The music in this release is awesome. When I go through the release, I will write what I think about this release. Mind you nothing can come close to Bodypump® 76 PPCA Free. That is now my number 1 release ever. 

Overall tracks 1,3,4,6,7 and 8 are stand out tracks. 

Love track 3 and track 7 now my favourite track 7 ever now. I am fickle what more can one say. :) 

Track 4 is a big track, can't say much because some people have not done the release yet. 

Overall the music is big in this release. Did I say big, yes it is bigger than BenHur. 

I am amazed by the music in the releases. The music is reminds me of the best period of Bodypump back in the 40's in this release. The music is big. Did I say big, yes it is big. 

Love the choreogrpahy for this release. Awesome work by Glen as always. He said this release is big and it is big. It really is big.

Loving the PPCA free releases so far we have had 6 releases that are PPCA Free. 

Bring on Bodypump® 77.

07 February 2011


Two releases ago, the BODYPUMP® team unleashed a Shoulders Track that had everyone in awe. This time, they take the Back Track to that same level. BODYPUMP® 77 sets out to put tension on the working muscles to make them stronger and more toned and, after the Warmup, delivers on that promise with a Squat Track that stresses Bottom Halves, 1/3s and Super Slows to build pressure. Your chest gets the same treatment, mixing pressure-building slow reps with Singles and Halves for power, before this release’s pièce de résistance... Keep the Chest weight and get ready to pump out three Power Presses – four sets back-to-back, three times.

The biggest Back Track in the history of BODYPUMP®? Believe it! It’s a huge anaerobic power move; just don’t forget to engage your core and legs to drive the weight overhead each time. The Triceps Track features a fun Press Pull-over Combination – oh yeah, you’ll like it – while the slower tempo of Diamond Eyes will encourage your biceps to say “goodbye to weakness”, again pounding out plenty of Single and Half Curls. 

Track 7 uses Backward-Stepping Lunges to pre-fatigue the legs, finally finishing them off with heavy Squats; then you get to throw the kitchen sink at your shoulders to the anthemic Ti Sento. The new Side Oblique Crunch builds intensity through the abs and core, and the hard work ends with an “Around The World” version of the Plank. If you’re wondering what we can possibly do next to make this program more challenging, you won’t have to wait long to find out...

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