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27 December 2010

10 Years

It has been 10 years since the release of the tracklists. I released all my tracklists December 2001. Up till then they were on my computer and that is where they stayed. Mid October 2001 I decided to launch my tracklists on the old domain I used to post to. 

Thanking everyone for their support and looking forward to the next 10 years.

Best of 2010 and Highlights of the Year

Highlight to me would be the following:

01.Out of the blue we had original music to the releases. Then from May 2010 we had 100% cover versions of the tracks. Love the cover versions of the releases, sad to see the originals go.

02. Exposed to some awesome cover music artists who now shape our version of Bodypump, very impressed with the cover artists :)

03. Biggest release of 2010 was Bodypump 76, the best release ever. Well maybe till this time next year and maybe Bodypump 80 could top Bodypump 76.

04. Favorite top 10 at the moment for 2010

01. The Climb - BP 76 PPCA Free
02. Watcha Say - BP 75 PPCA Free
03. Beautiful Day - BP 76 PPCA Free
04. Pyromania - BP 76 PPCA Free
05. Evacuate The Dancefloor – BP 73 PPCA
06. Not myself Tonight - BP 76 PPCA Free
07. 07. Dangerous - BP 74 PPCA Free
08. Bring It Back - BP 76 PPCA Free
09. More - BP 75 PPCA Free
10. No Surprise BP 73 PPCA

Top Release BP 76 PPCA Free.

Most memorable - attending a classes by Glen Ostergaard and Susan Renata.

It has been an awesome 2010 for Bodypump.

Bring on Bodypump 77 February 2011.

02 December 2010


Been with Bodypump for over 12-years now. I thought you could not get better than what we have had in the past.

This is an awesome release. Love the whole feel of this release. I thought I would hate that we don't have original artists in the release. I was wrong, the programme is getting stronger and stronger, and I look forward to what we have in stall for 2011. The magic of this we don't know any of the artists, we know the songs and look forward to hearing who is the new cover artists on the releases. It is amazing to hear a track from someone that I have never heard before. That brings to the whole release something special that we have music and artists you won't hear on commercial radio. 

Coming soon, a review of this massive release called "Bodypump 76 - PPCA Free"

28 November 2010

BODYPUMP® The Best of the PPCA Series.

This is my favorite tracks so far from the PPCA Free version of Bodypump.

01. The Climb - Nitro500 - Bodypump 76
02. Watcha Say - Dancefloor Generals - Bodypump 75
03. I Don't Care - Bodytronixx - Best of Bodypump
04. Pyromania - Moonflash - Bodypump 76
05. Who Knew - Masia - Best of Bodypump
06. Not Myself Tonight - DJ Reflex - Master Mix - Bodypump 76
07. Raindrops - MorningStar - Best of Bodypump
08. Bring It Back - Eurozone - Bodypump 76
09. More - Montage - Bodypump 75
10. Chasing Cars - ForeverYours - Best of Bodypump

I love the new release Bodypump 76. I love the Best of Bodypump series of releases. Bodypump 76 is 100% perfect. A review of Bodypump 76 is coming soon.

22 November 2010


Les Mills International

The workshop for this release was on Saturday. What is remarkable is that they used the PPCA Free version of Bodypump 76. 

I thought releases 74 and 75 were outstanding, well Bodypump 76 has raised the bar. Techically, it is the most perfect release of Bodypump ever. There is nothing wrong, or anything out of place in this release. I am going on what we have the PPCA Free version of Bodypump. 

It is one awesome release, I will do a full review soon.

This is one release, how can Glen top this one?

20 November 2010


Awesome to say the least. You have no idea the rest of the world how awesome it is.

Words cannot say how cool it is. 

The workshop was on today. Great moves great music great choreography, awesome cover music what more can one want? :)

12 November 2010


The pop divas of BODYPUMP® may seem a little flirty, but don’t be fooled – this release packs a punch with a solid workout that targets small muscle groups, while bombarding the bigger ones with short sharp shocks of intensity.
A feature is the use of big weights and compound exercises at the front end of tracks to lift intensity.
The warm-up helps you Climb into your work by preparing you for what’s to come, setting up the 1/3 rhythm that comes back to haunt in the very next track – Squats.
Another of those big muscle groups – the chest – gets the treatment in Track 3, really stressing the Singles and Bottom Half Presses. Then we get the fire started with Pyromania, attacking the back with a double shot of power and strength – two Clean & Presses/two Deadrows.
Track 5 is the highlight of the release, Your First Kiss was never like this, but the song’s playfulness can’t disguise the punch you feel as an opening series of Dips softens up the triceps for a circuit of Pushups and Kickbacks, then closing Overhead Presses.
It’s all on, now! The smaller muscles are getting bullied and it’s the biceps’ turn to suffer, courtesy of a new and nasty combo – Mid-Range Pulse, followed by Single Curls.
Then, you unleash the perfect Storm on your legs, surprising them with heavy–loaded Squats so they’re burning by the time the lunges hit home. Go to new depths on the lunges with the bench option.
BODYPUMP® 75 highlighted the “pec dec” shoulder track and you learn another new move this time – a Reverse Fly that tests the rear deltoids, trapezius, the rhombus and smaller shoulder muscles.
Finally, you will need every ounce of strength left for a Hover with Pointer that rocks you to the core.
Next morning, this workout will hurt so good!
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20 October 2010

BODYPUMP® Best of CD 1 PPCA Free Initial Review

Wow man what a release.  

Love the cover artists - love the remixes  - love the whole mix.

Don't Leave me with the Light On - An awesome remix love the new cover version 100%
Get this Party Started - love that track reminds me of the 40's series of Bodypump;
What Hurts the Most - starts a bit different from the original by Cascada, it really kicks in and the end is a blast;
Who Knew - Love the remix awesome remix of the P!nk track. Sung by a male lead a great remix and I am so over P!nk and love is cover version of her track. The same for track 2 as well.
What I've Done - love the remix, love the guitar sections a real adrenaline track;
Raindrops - That track remixed is awesome wow reminds me of the 40's series of Bodypump; one of the best track 7's in a while remixed and has a new vibe. Love it.
All I Ever Wanted -  musically a re punch, loved the remix, love the whole feel of the track, so cool and an awesome vocal, an awesome track 9.
All Summer Long - Better than the original love the remix;
Chasing Cars - So cool love the remix

Overall a great release of past tracks, re-packaged and remixed and with all cover artists. A very enjoyable workout

10/10 from me an awesome effort by LMAP and Les Mills International.

18 October 2010

All I Wanted - DJ Reflex - Best of PPCA Free Release 1

This is track 8 from the Best of Bodypump series PPCA Free. I love this cover version from this release. Very well covered and re-orchestrated.

BODYPUMP® PPCA Best of PPCA Free Release 1

Coming this weekend a review of the Best of Bodypump CD which is PPCA Free.Overall I liked the release. Track 4 is a bit getting used to with a frame reference back to the song by "Cascada" and the original by "Keith Urban" so this is a cover of a cover of an original track. 

I am impressed with this release. Track 6 is a standout track by Hiroshi Free.

27 September 2010

BODYPUMP® Best of PPCA Free Release 1

Les Mills Asia Pacific has issued a Best of CD for instructors in Austrlaia instructing in Bodypump.

The CD is compilation of the best of in the 60's and 70's period of Bodypump. 

Release Information can be located in the tracklist section of this blogger.

BODYPUMP® PPCA Release 75 Error in Choreography Notes

There are two errors in the release notes for Bodypump 75 for Australian Instructors if you require the updated notes please contact LMAP and ask them for the correction to the PPCA release of track 6 06. Cowboy Casanova - Carla Cross. Although, if you don't look at the time and just cover the time up and learn the track the old way without timing then you can learn the track easily.
There is also a timing issue with track 1 it the time on the side of the notes is out 12 seconds. If you cover up the timing then the issue with the 12 second gap is not noticeable when learning the release.

The amended chore notes for track 6 have been written by Tommy K who is the Training Manager for Les Mills Asia Pacific. If you e-mail Les Mills Asia Pacific they will send you the amended notes.

BODYPUMP® 76 Presenters


Glen Ostergaard (New Zealand), Emma Barry (New Zealand), Susan Renata (New Zealand) and Mark Sinclair (New Zealand).

25 September 2010

PPCA Free Tracklist Site

Keep up to date with all the latest PPCA Free Tracklists from LMAP PPCA Free Bodypump by Les Mills International

PPCA Free Bodypump Tracklist Site

PPCA - FREE Presenters Hall of Fame

Bodypump 75 PPCA Free - Presented by: Glen Ostergaard - Susan Renata - Susan Flemming - Margo Bates - and Sheldon McBee
Bodypump 74 PPCA Free - Presented by: Glen Ostergaard - Susan Renata and Karen Russell

BODYPUMP® 50 PPCA Free Tracklists

01. Fever - OneZeroOne
02. Watcha Say - Dancefloor Generals
03. Shut it Down - Mikey index
04. Whenever You Will Go - Transnoise
05. Bad Influence - Conflict
06. Cowboy Casanova - Carla Cross
07. I Will be There - DJ Lotus
08. Ravers in The UK - Northern Accelerators
09. More - Montage
10. Whatya Want From Me - Pistolet

BODYPUMP® 75 PPCA - Free (Australia)


BODYPUMP® fans are already describing the shoulder track on this release as the toughest ever and who would argue? The opening track – Fever serves as a preview of the carnage to come, as you find the perfect SET position over the punchy big beats. Game on! Track 2 engages the legs with heavy Squats and sets the tone for the rest of the workout, with a barrage on the upper body and a chest section that lays down a challenge – Press-Ups off an elevated platform. The first new element arrives in Track 4 – a wider lift grip for Rows that has you feeling the intensity build-up behind the shoulders – then go slightly heavier than usual to target the triceps, culminating with One-Arm Kickbacks for best isolation. 

In Track 6, Susan Renata straps on her spurs and holsters, and has some fun riding the range, while working the “guns” to Cowboy Casanova, the real showpiece of this release.

But the levity doesn't last long. Track 8 gives the shoulders a hammering with the new Rotator Pec Dec move... BECAUSE WE NEED MORE HARDCORE! Then it's time for yet another innovation – wider feet set in the Hover position to stabilize and challenge the core as you walk the hands, one by one, to Press-Up width and back. By the time you warm down, your body will be confirming what those fans already knew.

© 2010 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only.)